Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jasmine Crowe

Name: Jasmine Crowe 

Age: 29

College: Northern Carolina Central University

Major: Broadcast Journalism and Communication

Grad Year: 2005 

Master's Degree: Business Administration

Grad Year: 2007

About Jasmine: Compassionate, Zealous, Visionary and Inspiring are just a few of the words that describe Jasmine Crowe, the 29 year old MBA graduate who is working to make the world a better place, one day at a time. The impetus behind Jasmine’s drive is simply making the world a better place. With an uncommon goal of fostering change and creating awareness on the world’s leading socioeconomic issues and challenges including: poverty, health, education and energy to name a few. Jasmine created Black Celebrity Giving (BCG) in 2011, the site serves as a platform to inform audiences of ways to give back in black communities across the world.

"I wanted to create a paradigm shift, I wanted to create a site where people can come and get information and insight on how to make the world a better place. As we began our work, I knew that we could do more if we worked with nonprofits on a grassroots level, so we are creating an Urban Giving Center to serve as an incubator both in person and online for non-profits to truly reach their potential." 

Born in Texas and growing up as a military child, she has resided in Texas, Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona, and North Carolina where she attended high school in Charlotte and college at North Carolina Central University in Durham with a background in public relations, celebrity foundation management and events. Jasmine has successfully created events and fundraising initiatives for organizations: The Boys & Girls Club, All in For a Cause,, Mack's Miracle's and The Miss Black Arizona Scholarship Foundation, which she founded in 2008. In addition to her most cherished work in the non-profit arena, she has spearheaded campaigns and executed events across the United States for some of the country's preeminent venues, brands and acts including: Studio 54 in the MGM Grand Las Vegas, Grammy award winner Common, Soulja Boy, boxing champion Wink Wright, NFL Pro-Bowler Marcus McNeill, former NBA All-Star Allen Iverson, Peter Kent Luxury Leather Handbags, Belvedere Vodka, Cadillac, Vitamin Water, Hummer, Nike and Tiffany & Co. 

A public and motivational speaker, Jasmine has delivered a message to audiences around the country and has served and moderated panels in business, education, technology and entertainment realms. Jasmine lives by the saying, "if God is for me then who can be against me," and knows that in her life the sky is the limit. Her hobbies include: mentoring, traveling, reading, writing, giving back, church, spending time with family and friends and working out. Jasmine currently resides in Atlanta, GA where she plans to open the first office for BCG and launch the Urban Giving Center to serve nonprofits. She is working on her first book titled Lessons Learned in my Twenties, slated to release fall 2013. 

"I have overcome so much in my life, since being a teenager, I have had good days and bad days. I made a lot of mistakes as a young entrepreneur as it related to credit, business partners you name it; but I like to look at them as life lessons and I've learned from them."

What is your life's mission? 
I am guided by the vision of what I believe BCG can be. Originally my goal was to uplift, enlighten, spotlight, encourage and entertain through the medium of an online website. Now, my life's mission for BCG is to use this platform to transform people’s lives, to make our readers know that even the simplest form of giving can help create social change. I want to train nonprofit leaders and help them reach their individual goals. And although it may sound a bit cliche, I do hope to make the world a better place.

What does being a black woman mean to you? 
Being a black woman to me, means handwork, power and perseverance. I know the sacrifices that have been made for me to be here today. I take pride in representing all black women in a positive light. 

"I want to train nonprofit leaders and help them reach their individual goals. And although it may sound a bit cliche, I do hope to make the world a better place"

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