What is 'Spotlight on Greatness' ?

'Spotlight on Greatness' is an opportunity for me to highlight some dynamic black men and women who are creating their own history. During Black History Month we spend a lot of time talking about our wonderful black pioneers of the past (MLK, Malcolm X, W.E.B. Du Bois etc), and the paths they've paved for us and how they've helped shape our future. However, I believe in progression and I feel it's time that we start talking about what WE are doing, what WE can do and how WE can work together to be great! I also know that there are many other African Americans that have accomplished great things that we don't highlight. Many times when we highlight African American accomplishments, people feel as though it's not tangible; meaning these people are held in such high regard that they're almost untouchable and many have passed on. I can't recall a time where we actually sat and talked about people, especially young people, who are giving us something to aspire to everyday. I want to highlight the work that young African Americans are doing on a level that we all can relate to. I have been blessed to meet/connect with some AMAZING black men and women that have defied the odds and it's only right that I share them with you!

I want to help broaden the vision of our people. Often times the only images we see of 'successful' African American's are the ones on TV (rappers, athletes, singers, models etc). We all know that there is much more to African Americans than just being in the entertainment industry. We cover all aspects of life (doctors, engineers, lawyers, real estate agents, CEO's etc). I believe that our people can and will expand their horizons if they see what people who look like them have done and how they've been successful.

Like myself, all of them believe in higher education, helping others succeed and setting higher standards. Feel free to leave a comment, contact them and share this blog with others. Let's continue to inspire one another!