Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Angelete L. Comford

Name: Angelete L. Comford

Age: 24

Degree: B.S. in Human Services received at California State University Fullerton in 2010.

About Angel: I was just a Jr. in High School when I moved to California from Prince George, VA in 2003. Who knew that I, a country girl from a small town, would be a motivated, personable business professional with multiple management level work history in a big city. Through many obstacles, I continue to exceed in achieving my goals as a young black professional. I try to remain humble as I defy stereotypes. It is my drive to succeed that motivates me to stop at nothing. One of my career goals is to become a Human Resource Director of a multi-billion dollar corporation, while also working as a Real Estate Broker on the side. I want to eventually own my own Real estate agency & Construction Business in residential and commercial acquisitions. I Plan on continuing my education in 2012 to pursue a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) specializing in Human Resource Management at Georgetown University in Washington D.C.
What is your life's mission?
To grow, to learn, and to evolve as an individual. To Motivate, inspire, and empower others. Building a successful, beautiful empire, whether it is my business, or personal as in my own future family. Break all "Glass ceilings" and show that strong Black women can surpass all barriers!

What does being a black woman mean to you?  
Being black is more than the shade of your skin, or the grade of your hair. Being black to me means being POWERFUL, LOVING, PRIDEFUL, a LEADER, STRONG, INTELLIGENT, CARING, SUCCESSFUL, and DIVERSE individual who plays a significant role in today’s society. Through personal growth, which ultimately leads to the growth of the black community, it is imperative that we set higher standards of achievement for ourselves and future generations. We have the power to impact many lives, and can create change. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!

"Through everything, Nothing is impossible."

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  1. Love the definition of what being a black woman means to you. Very posed and poetic and right on accurate.

  2. I know her... She is BOUT DAT LIFE. lol.. Professionally and academically of course