Friday, February 11, 2011

Fred Joseph Jr.

Name: Fred Joseph Jr.

Age: 25

College: Saint Peter's College. Jersey City, New Jersey.

Major: Business Management.  

Grad year: Graduated 2007

About Fred: I'm a Hatian native born in Cap Haitien, Haiti. At the age of two, I moved to Florida with my father, and then at four years old I returned back to Haiti. I resided there until the age of seven years old, where I attended the school Kay Frère. Afterwards, my family moved to New Jersey. It wasn’t an easy shift, but with their belief in the American dream, my family managed to overcome their trials and tribulations; where today not only do they value this dream but are living it. I believe that we have the power to create our own reality and helping others empowers each of us to create a reality that fulfills the heart’s desire.  My way of helping people encourages others to challenge themselves.

In 2007, I graduated from Saint Peter’s College, Jersey City, New Jersey. Although I studied Business, my desire of doing charity work only increased over the years. In August of 2008, I hosted a soccer tournament in Saint Raphael, Haiti. At this tournament, the youth began to fight. It was pretty severe where children and parents had to flee. I realized that the local children were in a dire need of a better environment; one that could not only provide for their families, but generations to come.  This was the birth of the Anasoule Wishes Foundation (AWF) named after my grandmother, Anasoule. AWF was founded to teach the children of St. Raphael to utilize their resources in order to better their lives and community.  In January 2010 alongside a college friend, Martine E. Pierre, I decided to expand on the AWF vision and create the Help Us Save Us (HUSU) organization. HUSU is a non-profit organization established to serve all areas of humanity by providing assistance in education, health, and agriculture. The organization is currently working to revitalize the educational institutions in Saint Raphael, Haiti. The town has gained many new residents displaced from the capital city, Port-Au-Prince, due to the tragic earthquake.

It wasn’t always easy for me to stay driven in wanting to help the people of Haiti. Although, I grew up in America and adapted to the American culture, I never felt accepted by my peers. They mocked my Haitian culture, which at times pained me because the image they portrayed of Haiti, was a false image of my home. In 2005 I lost my father in a car accident. This did not only toughen me to take responsibility of filling my father shoes but to start living my dream because tomorrow isn’t promised. Just as my parents took the challenge of coming to America in search of better opportunities, I want to return to Haiti to offer my fellow citizens more opportunities.

What is your life's mission?
My life mission is to be Noble for Haiti. I want to be remembered as a being great, someone who provided opportunities. I want to be in the encyclopedia and want to be statued. I know that sounds crazy but I love my country. I could have been a child in Haiti struggling. What if I was? What if I never knew what the U.S. looked like? What if I was poor begging for food? I was in Haiti, that could have been me?!? What if I struggled the same way my parents did? What if I had Cholera and died because I was too poor to cure it?  What if I went to school in Port Au prince and died in the earthquake? What if I was child in the HUSU camp and I had a guy name Fred Joseph Helping me? What if I never got a college degree? What if my father never died? He could have been alive if he lived in Haiti or maybe not? What it? 

What does being a black man mean to you?
Being black means I have one chance to make "What if" a reality. Life is not easy being African American, It's in the books. Slavery shows us what black means. Blacks are portrayed differently than whites. I want to beat the odds and show the world and Haiti! Black is equal and black is human.

"My way of helping people encourages others to challenge themselves"

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To learn more about Fred's Organization and to help Haiti visit Help Us Save Us' website.

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  1. I would encourage EVERYONE that reads this to get involved with Fred's organization! He has a true heart for his people! Haiti is still in disarry after the earthquake last year. All of us can make a difference by getting involved!