Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trimaine Davis

Name: Trimaine Davis

Age: 27

College: San Diego State University

Major: Education & Africana Studies

Grad year: 2006

Masters Program: Education w/concentration in Eduational Leadership
Highlights: Trimaine Davis Leadership Award, Presidential Leadership Award, The Ko-Alition, Greg Ashford Memorial Scholarship, Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB)

About Trimaine: I was born in Pittsburg California a small city in the Bay Area and lost both of my parents to drug addiction. I was raised by my grandmother, she taught me the importance of having strong values such as self- determination and focus.

Throughout my life I've always enjoyed playing basketball. It has always been a Davis family tradition to be an athlete and I decided to fully pursue the dream of playing basketball on a collegiate level. In high school I was heavily recruited by universities such as Kansas State, Oregon, Oregon State, USF and Texas A&M, but ultimately chose to attend San Diego State University where I dedicated my collegiate career to my late, great, close friend, Greg Ashford who served as the Men’s Basketball captain my junior and senior year in High School. My passion and leadership were incredibly felt on the basketball court and inspired Coach Steve Fisher to create an honorary award, the Trimaine Davis Leadership Award for the Men’s Basketball Team. Not only did I strive to be a leader on the basketball court, I made sure my leadership influence shined through on the campus of San Diego State University. Ultimately I was one of the few student-athletes to blend in with my fellow African American student-peers.

At SDSU I majored in Africana Studies / Education and remained heavily active in many organizations such as the San Diego State University Afrikan Student Union, (ASU) Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB) and the Association of Africana Studies Majors and Minors. I feel as though one of my best student accomplishments was the creation of my own organization called, The Ko-Alition. I created the Ko-Alition  to help bridge the social gap between African American students and student-athletes on campus and it's still in existence. I went on to become the first student-athlete to receive the 2006 Presidential Leadership Award from the Associated Students of SDSU.

I'm currently employed at San Diego State University Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) as an Officer of Outreach, in the Recruitment and Admission department. The EOP Office is a program dedicated to educational equity and college access for underprivileged low-socioeconomic future first-generation students. I also oversee the Men’s Leadership & Mentor After School Program called the VitaMEN, that was housed at the Nubia Leadership Academy. The VitaMEN is now undergoing plans to move to O’ Farrell Middle School in Southeast San Diego. The biggest accomplishment of my young career came this past January in my home town of Pittsburg CA, as I planned the 1st Annual Greg Ashford Memorial Scholarship Alumni Basketball Game. The Alumni Game was a great success raising over $5,000 for two $1,500 scholarships for two graduating seniors at Pittsburg High School.

What is your life's mission?
I believe my life mission is to continue the legacy and tradition my Fore Fathers. My purpose in life is to be the living example of the motto Be More & Live Life Striving. My calling is to educate my young people who have been deemed as unreachable. I believe it is my calling to help inspire a habitual vision inside of our young people. I also realize in order to educate I must be educated, so my calling is a humbling calling because I understand my road to greatness is always under-construction.  

What does being a black man mean to you?
Being a Black man is both the greatest gift I have ever received and also the grandest challenge I have ever faced. I am now at place in my mind, heart and soul of understanding the essence of where I from.  Without a doubt I know I am the original man. I know I am a descendent of my past legends and it’s because of them that I am giant today! I also feel the effects of my history in this country I am force to call home.  I still feel the lingering effects of 1619. I still feel the pain of the 3/5 rule,  There strife still remains from the treatment of the second class citizenship and The Jim Crow laws. These are reasons that makes being a black man that much more challenging. However, my ace in the whole my ultimate gift my true source of power lies in a Black woman! Black women had it way worst then Black men and she still can smile, love and support! Therefore there is no reason for me to feel discouraged!

"I also realize in order to educate I must be educated, so my calling is a humbling calling because I understand my road to greatness is always under-construction." 

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