Tuesday, February 22, 2011

William Bradley III

Name: William Bradley III

Age: 28

College: California State Polytechnic University

Major: Business Management and Entrepreneurship.

Grad Year: 2006

About William: I have always been a serial entrepreneur from an early age. I was an avid baseball card collector and would often buy packs of baseball cards and sell off the most valuable cards for a profit. From buying candy at wholesale prices and reselling it to his classmates to selling hip hop magazine posters (I would get from his sisters for free), I has always had the natural ability for business and sales. My business skills have played an integral part in facilitating the launch of several start up companies.

In 2007, along with my business partner Adje C. Lassey, we co-founded First Integrated Credit Solutions, LLC (FICS) which is a credit education and credit improvement company where the mission is to “Increase and strengthen families credit standing so they can qualify to live a better lifestyle.” The downward spike in the economy has brought attention and the importance of the services offered by FICS. To better serve our target market, in 2010 we dissolved FICS as a stand alone entity and all credit improvement services will be offered FREE via the non profit Tunnel Of Hope.

After becoming not only the youngest but also the third top money income earner for my previous real estate company, which at the time had a nationwide sales force of 20,000 associates, the natural path of progression to pivot out and pour the concrete for my own real estate firm was inevitable. In 2008, working closely with my college friend and business partner, Adje C. Lassey, I co-founded The CEO Investment Group, Inc. which is a real estate brokerage firm specializing in the assistance of helping home buyers buy, home sellers sell, and investors invest in residential real estate.

I am a firm believer of giving back and volunteer with several non-profits that benefit today’s youth. I am active with CLIMB Inc. (Creating Leaders In Mind & Body), CAPS (Creating Aspiring Personalities for Success) and Corazon de Vida (where he takes a quarterly trip to a orphanage in Mexico to give love to kids who need it).

What is your life's mission?
I live a life of service. I'm trained to become a wolf, so I know how they think. I'm strong like them. However, my life is not about me. I'm purposed to become the shepherd. May my life be an example to follow so you may lead. My failures, a lesson plan. My success, hope. My words, motivation. My life, love.

What does being a black man mean to you?
Growing up bi-racial (my father is black and my mom is white) in a black community, I still had exposure to different cultures. I've come to realize that being black is not just the color of someone's skin. Being black is the perseverance of struggle. My grandfather, who now rests in Heaven, was the grandson of slaves. He went to college at Alabama A&M University and became a successful entrepreneur. He accomplished this at a time when racial adversity was more prevalent and racism was more blatant. These struggles made him stronger. When channeled correctly, the struggles that modern day blacks face have the potential to make us stronger. Part of being black is learning how to embrace those struggles to build our character and not destroy our own communities.

"I'm purposed to become the shepherd. May my life be an example to follow so you may lead. My failures, a lesson plan. My success, hope. My words, motivation. My life, love"

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